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Glowing Old Light Bulbs

Glowing Old Light Bulbs


With specialization in Electrical, but prior experience in the construction field, brings a more diverse knowledge base to the job. With this knowledge it allows us ability to envision the whole job and what it entails for completion beyond the electrical specialty. Having a greater knowledge of the whole job benefits other subcontractors, the general contractor, and homeowner to be able to know what will and will not work on the job electrically. 

Customer Guarantee


  • WRITTEN ESTIMATES: We explain the options for solving your electrical issues and provide you with a written estimate for the project. Work is not started until your questions are answered and your approval is given.

  • CLEAN: Provide a clean work environment. 

  • SKILLED PROFESSIONALS: Our electricians are trained in the electrical field and are fully licensed in the state of Nevada

  • PEACE OF MIND: Feel secure in allowing our employees into your home or business:

    • COURTEOUS: Our electrical technicians are friendly and polite.

    • RESPECTFUL: We do not use foul language in the workplace.

    • DRUG FREE: This is a drug free workplace.

  • SAFETY MINDED: Your safety is our number one concern. Should our technicians observe an unsafe condition in your wiring, we will alert you to the issue and provide appropriate solutions.

  • REPAIRS GUARANTEED: Lumens Electric installs quality parts and materials, and provides a one (1) year warranty on all labor and materials (excluding light bulbs and other consumables).


We promise to provide the highest level of customer service possible.

Interesting Fact

Many people wonder what LUMENS is. Lumens is the direct measurement of light output, as oppose to wattage, were this is how much energy a bulb uses to put out a certain amount of light. 1 Lumen is equivalent to 1 birthday candle while standing 1 foot away. So if a light is 50 Lumens, the light output would be equivalent to a bithday cake with 50 candles on it standing 1 foot away. 


Member of Builders Association of Western Nevada (BAWN)

Dayton Chamber of Commerce


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